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Nancy’s teaching style is unique and ideal for many reasons.. I've been to so many studios, tried many versions of yoga, and so I've had many teachers. I've truly connected with only a handful, and felt permanently changed in my practice and daily lifestyle by two; Nancy is one of them. After getting to know her, it is clear that all of the things that makes her style unique comes completely naturally to her as well, which is why they are so refreshing to experience.

For one, her tone and cadence of speaking sets the foundation for the entire room. She embodies the yoga sutras blended with honoring the humanness and "now" required of yoga practice which has been impossible for me to find elsewhere. What do I mean by that?...We follow a set sequence of postures but not at the cost of creating bonds. On the contrary, we loosen up enough to allow natural conversation and expression into the room. She commands that all push themselves and try what we fear; I feel so lucky to witness so many transformations among the group, whether it be spiritual, physical, or just feeling good / better about the day.

Nancys physical abilities, ambition, fearlessness, and real-time demonstrations encourage all of us to look deeper, stop whining, and do it for ourselves. She is a great mentor on and off the mat. I hear her voice and lessons often throughout my day...something for which I am so sincerely grateful.


What I enjoy most about Nancy’s teaching style is that it always feels like she is a part of the class, not just "the instructor." She practices with us and is always so relaxed, calm and laid back. I think that makes the environment so peaceful. She is focused & always so aware of everyone's individual accomplishments, strengths, and weaknesses to give each person the attention they need to feel special. And if someone needs an assist, Nancy is the best at knowing exactly how to guide them to get that next pose! Once I learned the sequence, I found it easy to focus on her calming voice and my breath. She always says, "it becomes a moving meditation." Nancy brings a vibe to the class that is so on target!!! I joined this studio just to come to her class and so glad I did!


I feel so connected to Nancy as my teacher and her class! Her compassion, life experiences, and advice seem to always come through during her classes... not in a too pushy way but just enough to motivate me. I feel that I always come away with a little something that I never quite knew before, or even just a different way to view life.

I also really appreciate her kind & compassionate understanding that just getting to class is hard enough for some people, and flexible welcome to “come when you can and leave when you have to” with the gentle reminder that “you are never late to yoga”.

I appreciate her ability to adapt and modify the practice to make any person of any age or skill set feel accomplished in their individual experience to get the most out of it...“As long as you are on your mat and breathing, you are doing yoga” “Just suit up and show up”

She never makes judgments or takes any of it too seriously with a “Why do we do it? Because we can.” attitude.

There’s so many things that I have learned from Nancy, her commitment to practice, her guidance, openness and true connection with her students.

My hope Is to continue to pursue my goals of one day becoming a teacher and will remember to use all that Nancy has taught me so that I can influence even one person the way that she has influenced me.


One of the things that draws my wife and I to Nancy’s class and keeps us coming back is the friendly atmosphere. Nancy does a great job of remembering us week to week and gently introducing everyone to each other so we have become a cohesive group rather than just a bunch of people taking a class. When I need a modification, she is always there to assist, encouraging me to do what i am able with the focus on what I did - not what I haven’t yet. I can now confidently do a headstand with no qualms which was unheard of a few years ago!

Tom (and Suz)

I appreciate Nancy’s strength and polish demonstrating every pose with ease while simultaneously conveying alternative movements for each person to achieve their optimal yoga posture. There is not another instructor who I know that has the advanced knowledge and demonstration capabilities that Nancy has.


Nancy creates a relaxed atmosphere which makes for an enjoyable experience. I often come to class after long, stressful days and know I can go at my own pace without feeling pressured to do everything exactly by the book (I can’t say that for all yoga instructors that I’ve had). I feel that I have multiple bosses at work telling me what to do throughout the day and It’s so refreshing to come to a relaxed atmosphere class. You were always willing to offer advice and technique (while making sure everyone’s practice is safe) but I never get an overbearing vibe. She is really good at managing different skill levels in the same class. You excel at keeping both novices and experienced yogis engaged and challenged. In some instances the skill level between your novices and advanced yogis is quite significant. You effectively manage the class without singling anyone out which makes everyone feel comfortable reinforcing the importance of honoring their own body. Lastly, You like and care about what you are doing and it shows. Everyone can tell it is more than just a job for you and that’s really important.


What sets Nancy apart from other yoga teachers is her unique ability to go that extra layer of depth when conveying verbal cues. I refer to my classes with Nancy as some of the most relaxing and fulfilling times practicing yoga.


Nancy’s classes are an incredible experience! Her signature vinyasa flow is a mix of high energy, athleticism, confidence and positive messaging. Her ability to teach a challenging yoga sequence motivates me to open up and grow to become more fulfilled in life. She is both engaging and encouraging at the same time allows everyone to be willing to try new poses and often achieve more than they thought possible. I’ve become a much stronger person (physically and emotionally) which was an inner goal that was much needed.



Nancy Boland 

Santa Monica, CA, USA


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