Nancy Boland 

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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The road to a better you ...

Nancy is a unique player in the wellness industry taking an innovative approach to providing holistic services that will leave you feeling stronger, emotionally balanced and healthier than ever before



Develop strength, flexibility and balance   


Relieve headaches and stress related physical discomforts to become more peaceful, calm & relaxed to revitalize the mind and spirit. 

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Wellness Coaching 

I partner with clients to facilitate lasting changes aligned with their values for optimal health & vitality


Feel inspired, motivated, clear and calm.

Yoga Pose

Thai Bodywork 

Experience this rejuvenating assisted yoga body massage designed to bring energy systems into balance while calming the fluctuations of the mind feeling calm, open and empowered to live our lives with purpose.  

Personal Training 

Improve speed & cardiovascular fitness level while building strength, flexibility & balance. Learn how to master perfect form with TRX, free weights, stability ball, push up bars, body bars & hula hoop. 

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Chakra Balancing 

Balance  the chakras to create more energy & revitalize yourself for a transformative experience 

Nicotine Cessation 

Become a happy non-smoker with this sustainable "Get Fit To Quit" program. 


“Me-No-Pause” Program

Prepare for middle age without weight gain to stay healthy, fit and strong. 

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Los Angeles, CA, USA